Kick Ass Fingers is a game that's a little bit different from other simple typing tests based only on speed.
Players can cumulate points, obtain medals and there are two different types of rankings, the first is based on precision (Points) and the second is based on speed (Words per minute or Time).

There are two types of tests, those based on time and the others based on words with unlimited time.

- In timed tests, you have a limited time for writing how many words you can.
You can choose between 10, 30 or 60 seconds.

- In the words tests, you have to type a certain amount of words in the shortest time possibile.
You can choose between 10, 20, 50, 80 or 100 words.

Every letter you write properly adds up to one point, but you earn it only once you have written the whole word correctly.

Moreover, the points worth increases by 1 for each word you write without mistakes.

An example: if you write 3 words on streak without any mistake, every new letter makes you earn 3 points.
But keep on mind that if you make a mistake, every new letter will go back to earn you just one point.

WPM means "words per minute".

As words have different lengths, the WPM is not the real count of written words but it averages down to 5 letters per word, spaces included.

So, a 5 letters word is worth 1 WPM, 10 letters words worth 2 WPM and so on.

Medals are Kick Ass Fingers's awards. You can get them in various ways, like reach a high WPM or a low time in words tests.

Some medals may be achieved in some other ways, just light your fantasy!

You can see your scores and medals by clicking on the top-right button who gives you your profile view.
Registered users will see theirs initials inside the button.

From here you can see:
- Profile informations (only for registered users)
- Your all time scores
- Your top scores
- Your last scores
- Obtained and blocked medals

The accuracy is the percentage of correct letters you typed versus the total letters you typed.
That means that by typing 10 letters, if 5 of them are wrong, your accuracy percentage will total to 50%. If you correct the 5 wrong letters, the total typed letters increases to 15 but the wrong letters remains 5. In this case your accuracy percentage will be 66,67%.

By clicking on the top-right button who gives you your profile view, you'll see a box that allows you sign up using a valid email address and a username which has not already been taken.

From your profile view, you can edit your account informations by clicking on the button "Account" that you'll see below the top-left box with you username.

From your profile view, you can delete your by clicking on the button "Account" that you'll see below the top-left box with you username and choose "Delete account".

The data collected by Kick Ass Fingers are "non personal" and cannot be used to identify users.

The only data considered personal, is the email address used for the sign up process. The email address will not never be visible to other users or site visitors.

More informations about data collected for sign up process are available on the Privacy page.

You can send a mail to for reports bugs or errors.

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